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+++++++++101. Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties
+++++++++82. Monster Party
+++++++++79. Legend of Mana
+++++++++71. Dark Souls
+++++++++12. Super Mario World

++++ Anamanaguchi: Nostalgia as Religion – essay (2013)

++++Tête-Bêche (2012)
++++Spoiler Alert (2013)
++++The Birth of Tragedy (2013)
Momo++++Wagner II (2013)
++++Arms and Feet Inside (2013)
++++A Charm to Ward Off Evil (2013)
++++ Blood Crystal Bursts (2013)
++++Froth at the Gob (2013)Castle and Mage
++++Miracle Bubbles (2013)
++++Morgana’s Tips (2014)
++++Purgatory Muscles (2014)
++++Add It Up (2014)
++++Demon’s Souls II (2014)
++++Stay Fresh (2014)
++++Steven’s Platinum (2014)
++++Cartoon RPG Religion (2014)


++++Kingdom Hearts (2014)
++++The Addams Family (2014)
++++Dynowarz: The Destruction of Spondylus (2014)
++++Seiklus (2014)
++++The Three Stooges (2014)
++++Destiny of an Emperor (2014)
++++Legacy of the Wizard (2014)
++++Kickle Cubicle (2014)
++++Jim Power: The Lost Dimension in 3-D (2014)
++++Wall Street Kid (2014)

++++Dark Souls and Chiptunes: Interview with Cly5m
++++Interview with the Creator of Twine: Chris Klimas


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