Stay Fresh

“Can you spell that? I can’t
Think today…” so the receipt girl
Tears a receipt and writes ZANZIBAR
On it, warning me it only works sometimes

I leave a Hello Kitty visual cue on the table
As per the rules of having your coffee and
Drinking it too but Boy #2 seems to not notice
And the code doesn’t work and I rode

The number 2 bus all the way here and my
Sexual desires are comprehensively reviled
And I probably find myself revolting My only
Remaining option is to send hand-drawn

Pictures of my ballsack to some kid’s Gameboy
While I’m driving oh! if only I had a car so
Please, Please let me have another chance
I’ll even do the whole interview again

I swear it’ll go better this time I
Swear I am Fresh to Death I swear

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