Demon’s Souls II

WEST CAMPUS, out of my league:

far below us, kids our age scramble around a
frozen vodka fountain in the dim plaza,
their laughter immense but barely audible, their
search for eternal youth lengthy and sudden.
Stoic, he closes his blinds until only
an orange halo filters in from outside,
illuminating these Oxford sheets,
scratchy, unfamiliar,
, enveloped in pale high school musk,
the occasional wool sock.
A soft whir hums out of the play
station and that
green beep, tumbling disc spinning
on its axis,
a chair dragged across the chipped floor
accompanies his bright mumbling. For
a moment, all is chthonic,
teenagers holding their breaths…

…But Then:
the shattering rumble of the
start screen floating mid-flight
somewhere beyond iridescent
narrows into the harsh glare
of the tv screen,
bouncing back images of a lone idiot
dashing down Kowloon descending into Hell.
“Should I kill
these guys?”
Four tribal hollowed-
out men stand static in treetops, prostrated,
unconcerned, diseased, and in prayer,
my eyes droop for hours, my brain,
steady, my dick–

“Do you want to go to latenight?”

“What time is it?”

In a foreign eatery with gravel floors, my
head on the table, dizzy, he pours us seltzer
and we make fun of and adore four
prostitute girls, je t’adore, je t’aime then
like soil we return to his dorm room. My
sneakers are still wet and
we’re both wearing matching gray jackets.
In the underground tunnels, hooded gypsies
carry baskets of laundry on their heads and
winter’s howl throttles
thin black window panes and I
shiver and swallow my gum
and finger for my phone and remember at 3am I’ll
be out there, dashing and
cursing my luck.

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and a poem I posted. You asked me what I thought of your stuff. It is strong, sure, gritty. You have totally established and refined your individual voice. I wonder and anticipate terrific results if you explored “other gears” or to put it another way, wrote in a different light, not to say bright noon blasting light is not good because your work is, but the light at last dusk in summer, or sunrise before the sun climbs above the horizon illiminates things with less weight and modest shadows. The same things look so different with the amount of light that strikes them. In photography after heavy rain and in overcast light the shadows are gone, the colours are frsh clean and intensely rich, some people never pull out thir cameras at those times. Like I said keep going, this is great, but another gear might be very interesting, too.

  2. One suggestion for blog. Think about adding the Recent Comments widget to your right column, might be a nice addition under recent posts. Just a thought. Keep on posting, have fun with this.

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