Morgana’s Tips

mother harlot Whore of
All Abominations this
side of
East Avenue, bouncing staccato heel
four red eyes drooping and flapping tongues
scraping the bottom of tumblr floors…
Morgana with her tips
all in nickels, paper clips, and works
jingle jangling in her imperial
coinpurse, green clutch vaginal velvet
and how much is fifteen percent??
Morgana with her tips
acrylic heads at the ends of her nails
(how does she wipe her ass?)
scratching out the other girls’
enchanted faces
Morgana with her tips
rolls into town, on her jalopy
with steam rising out from under the ill-clothed monkey
catamites pulling the siege engine forth,
see their golden shorts,
her head held up with cobwebs and glue
whispering who will win the
races how to beat the Bell
Gargoyles where to get
pot & word on the street is
she got
the package, glitter-head.
So, can you
call her,
or should

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