Blood Crystal Bursts

Let me see your friend’s files or I’ll
make the Blood Crystal burst, shatter
on the basement dungeon floor, and they’ll
never know it was me who
killed Miss Gauguin (
who cares) dead. ‘Save Brother
Robert,’ April pleaded,
circulating dried mint cloves and
fingering the red ink text
superimposed to a vague
pastiche canvas typifying
something gold and religious,
solemn and dumb. Opaque, even.
Mohair Sky film wrapped around my
waist, I’ll escape undetected, blood
and crystal smeared lines behind.
Her three-piece friends chatter, bang then
descend the interior grotto stairs, and they
export files of welcomes and folders of smiles,
high-fives, and at the ritual base, smoldering,
they see the copper crag
glass, plastic, and gasp:
CD-ROM installs suspicion et al,
but the Installer service can’t be
accessed at the moment,
ergo I’m
getting away
quick as shit!!!!

  1. Emma said:

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