Arms and Feet Inside

Where is the Castlevania cart with the key inside?
It’s still under One-Eyed Jim’s
porch, but rumor has it he’s still shooting
trick-or-treaters point blank,
at least according to Diary of a (Dead) Wimpy Kid.
Meanwhile, under a spotlight, under the ride,
RA Colin plucks erection mushrooms
from my t-shirt, warning me to stay out of
the bushes and apologizing for the broken
roller coaster and he says that I almost died,
but I’m more interested in going back to
the old docks and watching the steam seep in,
waiting for a girl from school to give me a
clue or quest.
“Are these Gamecube games yours?” he offers.
Then: we watch Coffin Kid, age twelve, get his
brains blown out, pumpkin bucket full of
tacks and crack.
His monster horde of ten year olds ho-hums away
and I decide to ride the coaster
again instead.

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